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Recent Projects

We have written notable success stories since 1945.

New Facility: New York Blood Center

Standard Refrigerators, Inc. has completed a comprehensive project – to design and build refrigeration and walk-in boxes for the New York Blood Center.  Actually the fourth assignment from this client, Standard proposed that these units operate on a closed loop chilled water/condenser water system.  This was based on similar designs for the earlier projects, where air conditioning and refrigeration operate on the same chilled water system.

Three walk-in freezers and three walk-in coolers were delivered and operational on schedule:

  • 3000 feet of copper Freon lines and a newly designed control system
  • Honeywell UDC 2500 controllers maintain less than 1 degree centigrade deviation from –30 C set point on freezers . . . 0.5 degrees C on +4 C coolers


Computer Room Dry Cooler Replacements: HMS Services

Standard Refrigerators, Inc. has completed a significant project – to remove four existing Liebert dry coolers and replace them with new Liebert models while a computer room remained in full operation.  The crane arrived on-site at 6:00 am.  The first two units were off and two new units were in place by 10:00 am.  The rig finished, with all systems up and all four units operational, by 2:00 pm with no interruption in computer room services.


Chiller Replacement: New York Blood Program

Standard Refrigerators, Inc. met the challenge of replacing a Carrier 75-ton air-cooled chiller while maintaining continuous operation of air conditioning and refrigeration.  The existing chiller had been installed in 1988 and had run without interruption until this 2003 replacement provided additional capacity with a 20 percent reduction in power requirements.  The refrigeration ran temporarily on city water while the chiller was disconnected at 7:00 am.  By 10:00 am the old chiller was lifted off and one hour later the new unit landed on steel.  All equipment was piped, wired and running by 4:00 pm.